Government Emergency Benefits for Individuals and Businesses

The Canadian and Ontario governments have proposed or enacted several new programs.  The situation is changing almost daily and it can be hard to keep up . Below you will find our summary of some of the programs available.  It is not all-inclusive and is not official list or endorsement.  If you need more information follow the links.

Other benefits include:

Canada Child Benefit - one time payment of $300 per child on May 20th

GST Credit - one time doubling of basic GST amount, based on income and family size - starting April 9th

Income Taxes - Due to be filed June 1st, Paid September 1st

Corporate Taxes - Payment deferred to September 1st

GST/HST - Payment deferred to June 30th

WSIB - Payment and premium reporting deferred to August 31st

Most requested (and complicated) programs